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Technical Info on PTR91 Products

The following information details some of the answers to the more frequently asked questions. If after consulting this knowledge base, you still have questions about a PTR 91 product, feel free to call us at 1-860-676-1776, or email us at

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Our barrels are manufactured by T C Contender.

  • The rate of twist is 1 in 12.
  • They are standard in 16", 18", and 20" long (on our Super Sniper only)
  • They are not chrome line.
  • The Thread size for the flash hider is 15mm x 1mm.
  • On the SC and MSG models, the barrels are fluted from the front sight to the flash hider.
  • On the Super Sniper, the barrel is fluted the full length and is not threaded for a flash hider.
  • At this time we do not provide a barrel replacement service for kit builders.
  • Our rifles are chambered .308 cal.
  • Accuracy using commercial 147 GMR FMJ is approx average of 3" to 4" at 100 yards. Many customers have achieved 2" or better with match ammunition and optics.
  • On our PTR91C, 91KC, and 91SC models, a compensator is welded to the barrel and a 10-round magazine is supplied to make them legal for sale in the states that still have bans in effect (MA, CT, NY and NJ).
  • Barrel diameter is .70"

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  • The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. The owner’s manual has directions.
  • To adjust windage you loosen the screw on the rear of the sight and then using the windage adjustment screw on the side of the sight adjusts for windage.
  • To adjust the elevation you need to use a sight tool (this tool is not included with the rifle). One turn up or down of the sight drum will move the point of impact by 5” at 100yds. Again, sight tool is not included with the rifle.
  • Front sight is fixed.

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  • The most common encountered magazines are the 20 rd alloy and 20 rd steel.
  • Magazines were manufactured by many countries; Because of this the fit of the magazines can vary. So if you experience loose or tight fitting magazines, it’s the magazine not the rifle.
  • 10 rd and 5 rd magazines are also available but are usually are cut downs from 20 rd mags. Some work very well some might not.  
  • If you are experiencing failure to feed, multi feed its most likely a magazine related problem. Try a few different magazines and see if the problem corrects itself first.
  • Both alloy and steel magazines will function in our rifles.

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US Part Count In PTR Rifles:

  • The US part count on our rifles is seven.
  • They vary by model; the standard ones are Receiver, Barrel, and Pistol Grip, Standard Stock, Bolt head, bolt carrier and Hand Guard.
  • The ones that vary are the Hammer, Trigger, Sear, and the cocking Handel. They are marked JLD or PTR on the part.
  • Most HK and G3 parts are interchangeable.
  • If you change a US part for a foreign part you must replace another foreign part with a US part.

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Warranty and return policies:

  • Our warranty is for one year from the date of purchase to the original owner. It is not transferable. It warrants the original purchaser that the rifle is free of defects in workmanship and material. It does not cover any damage or conditions determined by PTR91 INC to be caused by careless, negligence, misuse, normal wear and tear, or failure to properly maintain the rifle or modifications or repairs not done by PTR 91 INC
  • Customer’s must call us to get a return authorization number before returning a rifle for repair. Contact us at 860-676-1776 X 304
  • The rifle must be packaged correctly i.e. case to prevent damage by carrier. We will not accept a damaged box from a carrier.
  • If a rifle is having problems with ammunition and after talking with the customer about the correct ammunition to use they still feel they are having problems. We will give them RA # and explain that we will inspect the rifle and repair if required, But if it is determined by us that the issue is an ammunition problem the customer will be responsible for Gunsmith time, ammunition used to test the rifle, and return shipping.
  • We will not accept rifles without authorization numbers.
  • We only provide warranty work. If you have a rifle that is out of warranty or in need of repair you should contact a gun smith that specializes in HK repairs.


PTR 91 INC, Rifles are newly manufactured and are made to exacting standards and close tolerances. These rifles are made to function with commercial factory.308 cal ammunition. We do not recommend the use of reloads or of surplus ammunition. If surplus ammunition is used beware that this ammunition varies from manufacturer to manufacture, lot to lot, year to year, components used and processes in manufacturing. All this ammunition is not made to exact specification. We have found that some of this ammunition has caused problems in our rifles because they use a tar like sealant in their water proofing. When this ammunition is used in our rifles the sealant melts and coats the chamber. This causes failures to extract and to chamber. Afterwards any ammunition that is used will have the same problem if the chamber and the bore are not cleaned thoroughly. We have found surplus ammunition from the following countries/manufactures that have caused this problem in our rifles. That we know of at this time.

  • South African
  • Winchester white boxes marked 7.62,
  • Venezuela Cavim
  • Austrian (Hirtenberger)
  • Some lots of German
  • British (under powered) will not cycle action
  • Indian (Over powered)

If you have used this ammunition and have had problems you need to clean the chamber and the bore out thoroughly before using any other ammunition. Then try commercial .308 like Federal 150gr fmj or Remington 150 gr fmj to function test the rifle.

Note: If a rifle is returned to us for repair due to extraction and feeding problems and it is determined that it is caused by the use of these types of ammunition, the owner will be charged gunsmith time, ammunition cost and returned shipping.

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  • Our receivers are made on original HK machinery to German Mil specifications.
  • They are made of .059 steel like the originals.
  • The receivers will accept the German style claw scope mounts. Please note that these mounts originally were fitted to each individual rifle at the factory. So you may have to fit these surplus mounts to your rifle.
  • On the SC, MSG, and the Super Sniper a picatinny rail is welded to the top of the receiver. Please note on these models you cannot use a claw style scope mount like on the standard models.
  • We do not sell receivers. If you wish to purchase a receiver please contact HKparts at
  • Rifles with an A, AW, C and DW serial number prefix are made by PTR 91 Inc.
  • Receivers sold separately have a B prefix in the serial number.
  • Rifles with a B prefix in the serial number were not built by PTR 91 Inc.

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Hand guards:

  • Our hand guards are machined from military spec. hard-anodized aluminum.
  • They are drilled and tapped for rails at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position.
  • The hand guard is held in place by a locking screw instead of the traditional push pin to provide a tight fitting hand guard. This will give you flashlight or laser a steady platform.
  • If you decide to replace the hand guard with a non US made one, you must replace another non US part in the rifle with a US part. This is to stay compliant with ATF regulations.
  • You can install 3”and 6” rails to our hand guards.

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Pistol grip assembly:

  • Our pistol grip assemblies are made of polymer just like the late HK G3 models.
  • All fire control parts are made of metal not polymer.
  • You cannot use early style pistol or PSG 1 style grips that screwed to the early metal pistol grip housing on these polymer assemblies.
  • Any alterations made to the fire control unit (such as trigger jobs) will void the warranty.
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